Repair of Power Supply in Ukraine

Uninterrupted function of power supply systems is impossible without preventive measures such as examinations, scheduled and damage repairs. Specialists of “Defence Technology” LLC are ready to implement all this tasks. Due to the high level of qualification, availability of necessary accesses to modern diagnostic and repair equipment, we are able to quickly identify and eliminate any breakdown. Our clients are:

  • Military Transformer Substations
    Our team will overhaul the high-voltage equipment, check the operation of fuses, oil and vacuum switches, disconnectors and other elements.
  • Diesel power stations
    As a result of long-term exploitation or violation of established standards, the engine may stop running, output voltage may disappear, oil consumption may increase, it may also appear any loud knock… Yes these seems to be the most frequent reasons for contacting “Defence Technology” LLC. Our specialists have extensive experience in eliminating such problems. They will determine and explain you the cause of the breakdown, eliminate it and give recommendations regarding the work of the equipment.
  • Switchgears
    Our company carries out planned and routine repairs of open and closed switchgears. We offer a full diagnostic service of their devices and components.

We will be able not only to increase the efficiency of the equipment, but also to extend its service life.

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