Repair of Anti-aircraft Warfare in Ukraine

“Defence Technology” company provides services for the repair and modernization of various military special equipment, including anti-aircraft warfare since 2015 in various cities of Ukraine. The company has its own production and repair facilities, laboratories, the staff consists of high-qualified specialists who have extensive practical experience. Most modern and high-precision equipment and the latest achievements of science and technology are helping us to obtain the best results.

Repair of counter-air equipment is one of the most perspective and dynamic activities of our company, since it allows to increase the efficiency and extend the service life of the objects. The repair and modernization works, carried out in time, allow to:

  • Prevent serious problems in the work of military special equipment;
  • Make it more reliable and durable, also resistant to climate changes;
  • Improve its capacity;

No matter how difficult the offer is, we carry out this work quickly and precise, within a stipulated time. After the repair, the air defence equipment will be returned to the owner with improved performance characteristics and would be able to fully realize its ability to detect, escort and destroy various types of air targets.

You should trust us because we understand all your needs and have a wealth of experience in the military services!

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