Repair of Engineering Equipment and Machinery in Ukraine

“Defence Technology” LLC offers repair and modernization of special equipment in Ukraine. We fulfill of any level with 0% missed deadlines. All you need to do is to place your task by refilling the form on our site. We employ only experts, that guarantees a decent quality of the work.

Since repair of engineering equipment in Ukraine is one of the activities of our company, we have our own production and repair areas in several Ukrainian localities. Also we own several laboratories equipped with reliable modern equipment. There are increased requirements for an engineering equipment which is operated in military conditions:

  • Endurance – the ability to perform its functions in any climatic conditions, regardless of the terrain, for a long time;
  • Efficiency of fuel consumption;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Sustainable transportability (equipment should be adaptable for transportation by all mean of transport);
  • High reliability.

Performing preventive and repair works on time, it is possible to keep the equipment in perfect condition and prolong its service life. Modernization of such engineering equipment and machinery can significantly improve the efficiency of its use. Contact our specialists if you want to perform efficiency of fuel consumption, improve maneuverability, ergonomics and other indicators.

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