AKM 7.62 mm Modernized Assault Rifle From MP-UOS (“UkrOboronService”)

15 000 uah

The package includes a carbine: two clips with 10 cartridges each, belt, cartridge pouch, accessories for cleaning and an oiler.

Note that this equipment and characteristics of the weapon may change without notice to the manufacturer.



In the “Defence Technology” company you can buy AKM MP-UOS, the 7.62 mm assault rifle known also as modernized Kalashnikov automatic rifle. This customized version is produced by the Ukrainian State company UkrOboronService, and was modified for civilian use. Some of the technical characteristics that are present in the military version, were reduced due to current legislation. The modification took place in full accordance with the law of Ukraine regarding the use of small automatic arms by civilians.

There is a detachable box magazine that holds up to 10 rounds, while original capacity was significantly higher. Forms and materials of the rifle as well as its main technical characteristics remained the same. Compliance with all the nuances of the law makes sale and use of this carbine completely legal.

You can buy 7.62 mm AKM from UkrOboronService in our online store in any required quantity. We provide sale both retail and wholesale. There are no restrictions on the sale and delivery, as we find a specific delivery way for each order, so that it is convenient for the customer. If necessary, you can order a shipping abroad.

One of the main advantages of this carbine is its reliability and survivability. In addition to the fact that such negative situations as jamming of the shutter here occur extremely rarely, it is worth noting that the AKM can work in all weather conditions, in a wide temperature range.

Diameter of the barrel here is 7.62 mm, and there is no bundled optical sight. Developer provides a rear sight and front sight in the kit. The buttstock is manufactured from wood. Mass of the machine with unloaded magazine is 3.1 kg.

You can purchase Kalashnikov automatic riffle for use, for example, as a weapon for hunting or for home defence. By wholesale deliveries, these models can be purchased by various organizations, law enforcement agencies and other services whose employees have a permission to use such a kind of arms. For this rifle there is no need of any further modification for use in civilian conditions. The kit includes 2 magazines, each for 10 rounds, an oil can, a cleaning equipment, a sub bag and a carriage belt.

Additional information


88 cm

Barrel length

41,5 cm



Amount of cartridges


Clip design

Removable box

Manufacturer country







Rear sight and front sight


3,1 kg with empty clip

Weapon platform