Tripod-mounted Anti-tank SPG-9 Grenade Launcher (73 mm) for Sale in Ukraine

“Defence Technology” company offers wholesale and retail sale of SPG-9 “Spear”, a tripod-mounted grenade launcher which was popular already in the Soviet Army. It is possible to order these anti-tank 73-mm guns in any quantity at our company with delivery to any region of Ukraine, as well as for export to all foreign countries. We offer low prices and tight deadlines regardless of the volume of your orders.

SPG-9: appointment and performance characteristics

SPG-9 “Spear” is a light, man-transported recoilless anti-tank gun with manual loading, designed to destroy tanks, self-propelled guns and other armored vehicles. These weapons are also used against manpower in field fortifications and urban strongholds (for example, it was used against peacekeepers in Vietnam, Iraq and Syria). Main ammunition are the following active-missiles:

  • PG-9V (HEAT-FS) – high-explosive anti-tank warheads with folding stabilizers;
  • OG-9 – FRAG-HI grenades with cast iron casing.

Before firing, grenade launcher should be mounted on a special tripod with a guidance mechanism. For carrying SPG can be easily disassembled into several parts.

Specifications of the SPG-9

  • Caliber: 73 mm.
  • Lenght: 2110 mm, including:
    • Barrel without warhead: 1850 mm;
    • Grenade PG-9V type: 1115 mm;
    • Grenade OG-9 type: 1062 mm.
  • Width when shooting: 1055 mm.
  • Height of equipped gun: 820 mm.
  • Total weight of SPG-9: 49.5 kg.
  • Tripod-machine weight: 12 kg.
  • Wheel carriage weight: 14 kg.
  • Tripod turning angle: ± 150.
  • Muzzle velocity:
    • PG-9: 435 m/s;
    • OG-9: 316 m/s.
  • Limit of velocity: 700 m/s.
  • Armor penetration:
    • PG-9V: 300 mm;
    • PG-9VS: 400 mm.
  • Firing range:
    • With sighting: 1300 m;
    • Range limit: 4500 m;
  • By direct targeting: 800 m.
  • Rate of fire: up to 4-6 rpm.
  • Combat crew: 4 persons.

Design and details

The key element of SPG-9 design is a 73-mm barrel with a gun slide and special muzzle in the end part for the discharge of powder gases. Anti-tank  grenade launcher is mounted on a special tripod – machine or a wheeled carriage (in the amphibious version). For firing projectiles, there is provided an electric mechanism in combination with a special optical or IR-and-passive sight.

There are also several other components mounted on the barrel:

  • Handles for easier carriage;
  • Locking mechanism;
  • Device for removing shell casings;
  • Fuse as a protection against burns.

Tripod machine is equipped with an adjustment mechanism allowing to adjust the height of firing line in the range of 390-700 m.

Manual mode for a direct fire is carried out with help of the PGO-9 optical 4x sight or night-vision PGN-9 4x sighting mechanism. To launch missiles there is an electrical circuit used. Generator of the electrical trigger mechanism is mounted on the tripod. In the fire control unit there is a fuse which is on if the shutter is open.

Advantages of the SPG-9

  • Reliability and convenience of firing in various conditions.
  • It is recoilless.
  • It has an affordable price with the long lifetime.
  • It can be used with various types of ammunition.


Reloading of the SPG-9 can be made when the shutter is opened. Grenade should be inserted from the breech side. When shutter is closed, trigger circuit automatically closes too, putting the gun into a ready-to-fire position.

By firing within a direct targeting, grenade launcher must first be aimed at the target using an optical sight, taking into account the ballistic corrections of the warhead, weather conditions and target speed, etc. After pulling the trigger, the generator is activated, providing current through the contact device to the warhead’s fuse, after that the charge explodes.

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