Hand-held Anti-tank RPG-7 Grenade Launcher (40-mm) for Sale in Ukraine

“Defence Technology” LLC sells the extremely popular 40-mm RPG-7 hand-held grenade launchers on advantageous terms. You can order this anti-tank weapon wholesale and retail in various quantities with delivery not only in Ukraine, but also for export to all other countries. The price of hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers is adjusted by the volume of orders and delivery time.

RPG-7 appointment and performance characteristics

The portable RPG-7 (“Ruchnoy Protivotankoviy Granatomyot” is a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher) is a small-sized reusable shoulder-launched complex that fires without recoil. This lightweight portable weapon is designed to fire with 40-mm in diameter and 95.3 cm long active-rocket projectiles. It is often used against various armored vehicles: tanks, self-propelled guns, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, armored cars, etc. It can be used to destroy living forces in open spaces or light shelters, as well as helicopters and other low-speed low-altitude targets.

Tactical and technical parameters of the RPG-7 are:

  • Caliber of the launch tube: 40 mm.
  • Caliber of the main part of grenades: 70 mm (PG-7VM) or 85 mm (PG-7V).
  • Barrel length without warhead: 950 mm.
  • Weight without projectile: 6.3 kg, taking into account the mass of the optical sight.
  • Muzzle velocity (boost): 112 (145) m/s;
  • Muzzle velocity (flight): up to 300 m/s;
  • Maximum firing range: 700 m:
  • Sighting range:
    • During the day, with visual visibility of the target: up to 550 m;
    • At night with a nigh-vision scope: up to 300 m;
  • Effective firing range: 330 m;
  • Rate of fire: up to 6 launches per minute.
  • Self-detonating range of the warhead if missed: 1000 m.

Description and details

Design of the RPG-7 is made on the basis of a recoilless trigger mechanism providing a shot of various types of over-caliber warheads: high-explosive, thermobaric explosives, fragmentation warheads, etc. In fact, the barrel has a form of a tube with a muzzle on which several devices are mounted:

  • Barrel:

Provides a given direction of flight of the projectile with simultaneous removal of powder gases. In the middle part there is a special reloading chamber. The end of the muzzle is a little bit flared, it is necessary both to provide maximum energy efficiency, assisting in blast shielding and to reduce the recoil.

  • Sight:

Sighting system in the RPG-7 is made in the form of a combination of mechanical (MP-7) and optical (PGO-7V-3) sighting mechanisms. While optical sight plays the main role, mechanical one is used only in case of failure of the last one. PGO-7 provides control of the distance and aiming at the target by introducing various corrections taking into account weather conditions, ballistics of an ammunition, target speed, etc. It is also possible to equip grenade launcher with a multi-purpose night vision scope of 1PN51 or 1PN58 type.

  • Trigger and booster:

A booster with fuse, mounted on the front handle, provides trigger that strikes the firing pin. In the stowed position, fuse is necessary to put the safety on. The firing pin is used to transfer impact energy on the grenade’s cap.

  • Fixtures:

The back and front handles provide convenient hold position, sighting and pulling the trigger. Wood wrap in the middle is made for thermal insulation, which is necessary for safe shooting from the shoulder. Adjustable strap is designed for comfortable carriage of weapon.

Advantages and disadvantages of RPG-7

  • Reliability, convenience and ease of use regardless of weather conditions or time of day.
  • There is no recoil regardless the type of ammunition used.
  • Low price of a multi-functional RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launcher.
  • Large selection of ammunition: high-explosive, thermobaric, fragmentation and tandem-cumulative warheads.

The only weak point of RPG-7, like all types of weapons of the recoilless class, is the jet stream (powder gases) during the launch. However, for its safe removal there is a special flared socket in the end of the barrel.

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